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  • Adhem, Barakat Tannous (Al-Sa'ih, 1918-01-29)
    A satirical (but realistic) account of a "Syrian" who comes to New York, peddles, then opens a store, then a big business. Having succeeded financially, he wants recognition among the educated and uses his wealth to become ...
  • Maloof, Jamil (Al-Hoda, 1906-07-13)
    "The question whether or not to establish "Syrian" schools in America is, to the author, one of the most important issues facing "Syrians." He argues against it because 1) Americans (and Presidents Teddy Roosevelt) want ...
  • Maloof, Jamil (Al-Hoda, 1904-04-18)
    A former editor of Al-Ayyam praises Rihani for his courage and states that, if he had written the book 20-30 years earlier, one of the patriarchs literally would have cut him to pieces.
  • Unknown author (Al-Ayyam, 1900-05-07)
    Criticizes the Arabic newspapers in the U.S. (of which at the time there were 8) for reckless and personal attacks on each other.
  • Unknown author (Al-Hilal, 1904-10-01)
    Selim al-Basha states that the first Arab immigrants to the Americas were from Bethlehem. They came to sell Holy Land goods. They were followed by the Lebanese.

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