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  • Unknown author (9999)
  • Khoury, George; Al-Rais, Shoqui (1943)
    A directory of Syrian and Lebanese individuals and businesses in Michigan in the early 1940s. Contents broken down by city with addresses provided for most individuals and businesses. Includes advertisements for many Arab ...
  • Awwad, Yusuf (Al-Hoda, 1904-10-05)
    The problems are: Not mixing with Americans; lack of scientific knowledge; one occupation, namely trade; sectarianism; lack of trust of other Syrians/Arabs; not sticking to one job; and sticking to old customs and traditions. ...
  • Hitti, Philip K. (Al-Muqtataf, 1922)
    Results of research which culminated, a couple of years later (1924), in the English language publication, The Syrians in America. Covers the various aspects of history, numbers, settlements, occupations, social, religious ...
  • Hitti, Philip K. (Al-Hilal, 1919)
    Survey essay which covers history, occupations, problems, successes and challenges of Syrian Americans.

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