DALNET Digital Archive: Recent submissions

  • Student Learning Review Committee; Oakland Community College (2010-04-09)
    This document outlines the revision of the self-study review process by the Student Learning Review Committee (former CRC).
  • College Academic Senate; Oakland Community College (2010-03)
    The Office of Institutional Research participates in two national data sharing consortiums: the National Community College Benchmarking Project (NCCBP) and the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE). Both ...
  • College Academic Senate; Oakland Community College; College Curriculum/ Instruction Committee (2010-03-26)
    This catalog change summary details minor course revisions, major course revisions, new courses, minor program and certificate revisions, major program and certificate revisions, new programs and certificates, new program ...
  • Yuwakim, Yusuf Elias (Al-Hoda, 1908-01-15)
    Argues that single Syrian/Arab women immigrants to U.S. are a source of shame and harm both to their folks in the old country and to the Arab community in the U.S. -- and calls for a law to ban such immigration.
  • Yaziji, Najib (Al-Sa'ih, 1912)
    Criticizes peddling by women and calls for a ban on this activity. Competition among Arab peddlers has become severe and threatens their livelihood.
  • Yaziji, Najib (Al-Sa'ih, 1913-02-13)
    An attack on "Americanized" Syrian/Arab women who are too free and make life miserable for their husbands. Calls on Arab men to return to the old country for potential wives.
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1921-02)
    Argues that, unlike the Syrian/Arab custom of treating the engagement as almost a wedding or half a wedding, it should be possible for the girl (as it already is for the boy) to break the engagement without shame or harmful ...
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1921-01)
    Provides advice to both the mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law as to how to have a happy home, suggests that the husband is the key to harmony, and advises parents to save for old age so as not to depend on their children.
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1920-09)
    Argues that the old Arab adage, "Marriage is one-third luck, two-thirds appointment," no longer holds. The man should use his eyes, heart and head in selecting his bride.
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1922-04)
    Relates several new marriage ceremonies practiced by some Americans, e.g. getting married on a plane or under water or by a civil judge. Then declares her satisfaction that Syrian/Arab women have stayed away from such practices.
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1920-05)
    Advises women that, to hold onto their husbands, they need to continue to have good grooming and good clothes, etc. after marriage, as they did before.
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1922-08)
    Relates different reasons for why a man leaves his home and wife, mostly based on personality differences, and lack of consideration on part of the wife.
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1920-03)
    Argues that the woman should be in charge of household expenses because women are "naturally" more economical.
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1922-10)
    Argues that a wife deserves a "salary" similar to what the husband gives himself every month, in addition to house expenses. Cautions that Syrian/Arab women should make sure their financial rights are officially guaranteed.
  • Tannous, Victoria (Al-Akhlaq, 1920-07)
    Argues for equal education and opportunity for work for women -- until they get married. Also, states that man is the head of the household and the wife should obey her husband.
  • Tabshi, Mary (Al-Hoda, 1904-11-11)
    Discusses the benefits of education for Syrian women.
  • Tabshi, Mary (Al-Hoda, 1904-10-22)
    Urges Syrians (especially women) to read and be educated.
  • Sruji, Suleiman (Al-Hoda, 1904-12-03)
    Claims that Syrians/Arabs are generally not interested in educating their female children, and mainly teach them crocheting and/or send them out to peddle.
  • Salibi, Amin (Al-Hoda, 1903-07-18)
    In response to suggestions for making female peddling illegal, author reports the views of two "Syrian" women peddlers who argue that peddling has not scandalized Syrians but rather made them rich, and that women peddle ...
  • Raphael, J.G. (Al-Akhlaq, 1921-05)
    Raphael disagrees with Afifa Karam's complete exoneration of a woman who gets her husband to tie up the former lover who jilted her so that she could kill him with an iron rod. Raphael states that both the woman and her ...

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