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  • Student Learning Review Committee; Oakland Community College (2010-04-09)
    This document outlines the revision of the self-study review process by the Student Learning Review Committee (former CRC).
  • College Academic Senate; Oakland Community College (2010-03)
    The Office of Institutional Research participates in two national data sharing consortiums: the National Community College Benchmarking Project (NCCBP) and the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE). Both ...
  • College Academic Senate; Oakland Community College; College Curriculum/ Instruction Committee (2010-03-26)
    This catalog change summary details minor course revisions, major course revisions, new courses, minor program and certificate revisions, major program and certificate revisions, new programs and certificates, new program ...
  • Yuwakim, Yusuf Elias (Al-Hoda, 1908-01-15)
    Argues that single Syrian/Arab women immigrants to U.S. are a source of shame and harm both to their folks in the old country and to the Arab community in the U.S. -- and calls for a law to ban such immigration.
  • Yaziji, Najib (Al-Sa'ih, 1912)
    Criticizes peddling by women and calls for a ban on this activity. Competition among Arab peddlers has become severe and threatens their livelihood.

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